Rugby Vs American Football (No contest)

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Last night we were watching the New England Patriots play the LA Rams at Wembley Stadium in London on Tv, it is the 6th year that American Football has come to Wembley, Now years ago when I lived in the states I used to go and watch Washington Redskins play..

(you can tell it was years ago by the very bad 110 picture quality and the fact that it was scanned from a very old negative. )

Anyway one thing that struck me last night was how boring American football had become. It’s not even the same game I used to watch 30 years ago, it’s now a Quarterbacks game and even more sissy then it was before and the quarters are dragged out even more now than they were before…. I have to say give me Rugby any day.

It’s interesting that American Football and Rugby are so similar…

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2 thoughts on “Rugby Vs American Football (No contest)

  1. I mean to disrespect, but this post is pretty ridiculous. At this point in American football’s history, American football is NOTHING like rugby. It’s also really unfair to compare the two together. They are different sports and require very different talents and abilities that are learned throughout the years. How would I know?

    Well, I have friends who play Rugby Union and they love it. I enjoy watching. But I also love American football. It seems pretty ignorant to bash football in such a base and disrespectful way. The padding is because American football hits harder.

    The forward pass also adds an element that Rugby players would take a long time to adapt to. For more on why American Football came to be the way it is, read:

    “How Football Explains America” by Sal Paolantonio. A lot of insight is gained from reading that book.

    PS: I am Latin American. I wasn’t born in the U.S. so I came to love football by experiencing it.

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