Sports PR 101: Play Nice with the Fans

Rob's Thoughts on Sports Public Relations

Writing about sports can be a tricky thing these days. Fans, media, and even team employees all become captivated with the success of their teams.

When a team isn’t performing as well as many people feel they should be, fans and the media can be very critical and overreact. However, other fans become very defensive of their team and can be outspoken in doing so.

This is all normal in the hyper-competitive and pseudo-addictive world of sports. However, a team employee taking action to defend the team and instruct fans to change their attitudes about the underperforming team is a little out of the ordinary.

It’s especially peculiar when that employee is the director of public relations for the team. Not to mention the message wasn’t communicated on a comment board or a random blog; it was on the team’s website!

But that is exactly what happened a few weeks…

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