Tebow the Anti-Jet-Life

Sports Asylum

Words like disgusted, appalled, and sickened do not quite convey my stance on the New York Jets. Being a Miami native does not help my normally biased position on the Jets, but putting that aside their handling of Tim Tebow might just be the worst management of a player’s talents ever exhibited in the NFL. An organization that has shown more pride in winning the Media over than winning games has outdone themselves this time. Despite Tim Tebow’s passing woes, which teams like the Chicago Bears and the Pittsburg Steelers could tell you they have been a tad-bit overblown; Tim Tebow has a drive that wills him and his teammates to believe they will end the game with the victory. He demonstrated his will to win last year with his 8-5 winning record that included a six game winning streak, countless fourth quarter miracles, and a playoff victory win. Since…

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