The Carolina Panthers: Bringing you new ways to lose each weekend.

Reclaim the Alternative

For about forty five minutes, just forty five minutes, I thought it was going to happen. I couldn’t believe it, and yet, it was happening. There I was Sunday afternoon after church, sitting on my living room couch, watching the Panthers and Bears game on FOX. What I was witnessing though, wasn’t what a Panther’s fan normally is witness to. The Panthers were winning, and not just winning, but they had a real and good lead on the Chicago Bears. I couldn’t believe it.

But then it happened. After leading the Bears 19-7 going into the fourth period, the Panthers lost it. They just lost it. Looking back at the stats its pretty hard to convince yourself how it all happened. It’s a lot easier if you actually watched the game (duh).

But in all honesty, the Panthers’ defense played a hell of a game. The Bears were kept to…

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