The Personalities Of San Francisco 49ers Tailgating

CBS San Francisco

Throughout the parking area at Candlestick Park, you’ll find beer drinkers alongside wine sippers among San Francisco 49ers tailgaters. You’ll spot burger eaters and seafood lovers. You’ll see Chevy pickup trucks and Mercedes-Benz luxury cars. But a common Red and Gold thread runs throughout the tailgate scene.

Yes, the atmosphere is largely friendly and relaxed. Yet not every tailgating experience at Candlestick is uniform. Here’s a look at three one-of-a-kind tailgating activities at The Stick.

VIP Tailgate Party

Starting at $265 a person, you can party in a private tent equipped with flat-screen TVs linked to NFL Sunday Ticket and the Red Zone Channel. The all-inclusive food and drink menu features an all-you-can-eat buffet along with soda, wine and beer. Appearances by 49ers alumni and the Gold Rush cheerleaders are part of the package.

At least 50 tickets must be purchased for this VIP package. All of those…

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